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Some organisations collect data and directly utilise it for trend recognition and predictive analysis. Some collect data and share it internally within organisation or externally to public. Until few years ago, it was rather challenging to share data on portal as the de facto solution was CKAN, a Python-based data platform. It is not CMS-based, but it is popular and widely used. In Singapore it's used by DKAN was created few years ago to have similar functionalities as CKAN, but built on top of Drupal. This means that the DKAN platform has superb CMS functionality, and extensible with Drupal contributed and custom modules. Pixel Onion implemented DKAN in the intranet environment for MINDEF (Singapore Ministry of Defence) and MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore).

In this session, the speaker will discuss DKAN functions in general, the possible customisations out-of-the-box, and the local environment setup.

-   What is DKAN? What can DKAN do?
-   Top three DKAN features that can save hundreds of hours of development time of custom data platform
-   Possibilities with DKAN
-   How to start DKAN development on local environment


In technical camps, most sessions cover topics which may be baffling for beginners who just pick up Drupal. It is more interesting to tinker with the cutting edge technology than sharing the basic Drupal development. But everyone starts his / her career as an inexperience developer, and there are definitely beginners and hobbyists among the participants.

This session will cover the speaker's journey towards mastery in Drupal specifically and web programming in general. He will also share the setup for local development environment.

-   How to start easily with Drupal
-   The one thing considered as taboo in Drupal development
-   Two main security issues to watch out for when coding
-   Resources for continuous learning
-   Short demonstration of local development environment