My sessions


Will present the mobile app, this is a community driven collaborative project of heremaps technology and Drupal Pilipinas, my presentation includes an end to end demo of the following:

1. How i setup my CORS configuration

2. I Will discuss CRUD API to manage contents

3. How we managed the phone camera and submission of images to drupal 8

4. How utilized the geolocation of the mobile device and how we submitted the data to drupal

4. Difference between hal+json and jsonapi vnd.json and what are the performance benefits of jsonapi ?

5. How we integrated the here maps on ionic 3, Angular 4 and drupal 8

6. Publishing of the Application on Google Store

*Using pantheon as my hosted service.

**Its now on its testing phase at google play


I will show and tell how to setup, build, test, manage, monitor, and rollback your Drupal application on Kubernetes. Those close to the operations end of development have known for many years that there are numerous performance, security, deployment, and management benefits achieved from isolating the web server, the database, and the php runtime. With a full container orchestration system, I will show you how to take advantage of benefits of:

  1. Using ‘namespaces’ to easily create new development environments
  2. Using ‘deployments’ to deploy and rollback changes
  3. Using ‘autoscaling’ to dynamically scale your apps based on traffic
  4. Using resource limits to isolate run-away processes
  5. Debugging dynamic applications

Pantheon has shifted our platform to leverage the power of Kubernetes to power 200,000 PHP web applications and we would like to share our lessons-learned and the benefits we gained. Come with an interest in the next-generation cloud-native environments and leave with some guidance on how to begin working in one.

*Will be using GKE on my demo