Ionic 3 framework + Drupal 8 Rest API + Jsonapi + Heremaps = Awesome ingredients

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Engineer, Pantheon / Drupal Pilipinas

Will present the mobile app, this is a community driven collaborative project of heremaps technology and Drupal Pilipinas, my presentation includes an end to end demo of the following:

1. How i setup my CORS configuration

2. I Will discuss CRUD API to manage contents

3. How we managed the phone camera and submission of images to drupal 8

4. How utilized the geolocation of the mobile device and how we submitted the data to drupal

4. Difference between hal+json and jsonapi vnd.json and what are the performance benefits of jsonapi ?

5. How we integrated the here maps on ionic 3, Angular 4 and drupal 8

6. Publishing of the Application on Google Store

*Using pantheon as my hosted service.

**Its now on its testing phase at google play