Case Study: Using Drupal as a Back-End for Japan's Digital Government

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In 2018, the Japanese government unveiled their plans for "Digital Government", a "digital transformation" of nationally administrated government services.

We at ANNAI are planning to Drupal as a solution to meet the target needs of the government. Drupal has a proven track record as an excellent framework for creating websites, and ANNAI believes that when Drupal is used as a data management platform, it really shines and its true power comes to light. 

Using our experiences from developing e-Stat, the Japanese government statistics portal, and Kyoto city and prefecture's Kyoto Open Data Portal, ANNAI is currently developing solutions using Drupal as a data management hub for Japanese federal and prefectural government agencies.

In this session, ANNAI will discuss how we are approaching the issues related to this development, and our roadmap moving forward.