Automate your testing with Nightwatch.js

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End to end testing takes us as close as possible to test real user actions. Drupal 8.6 core will feature end2end testing framework Nightwatch.JS.

Attend this hands on session to be able to: 
- write Nightwatch.js tests
- setup Nightwatch.js environment
- convert user stories into active tests and produce test reports

- Introduction to Nightwatch.JS and writing the first test
- Nightwatch.JS tips and tricks
- Integration of end to end testing into your project
- Drupal and NightwatchJS

- Anyone who wants to introduce automated testing to existing or future web projects.
- Testers, developers and project managers of existing web projects.

- Technology agnostic. Current testing stack was used on multiple enterprise web projects (including WordPress, Drupal and React projects).
- Free technology stack. Technologies used in this workshop are free to download and use including Selenium, NightwatchJS and docker.
- Various test coverage. You don’t have to have 100% test coverage to get t. he benefits of end to end testing.