DCSG2018 sessions

Thank you everyone for submitting sessions. With the input of few community members, the organiser has finalised the session for DCSG this year.

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el7cosmos's picture
Drupal Engineer, Sepulsa
Kong is a scalable, open source API Layer (also known as an API Gateway, or API Middleware). Kong runs in front of any RESTful API and is extended through Plugins, which provide extra functionality and services beyond the core platform. In this session, I'm going to talk about integration between...
gerald's picture
Customer Success Engineer, Pantheon
An introduction on how to set up a continuous integration workflow with CircleCI in Pantheon. In this session, we will cover the following: Terminus - Pantheon command-line tool. Composer - PHP package manager. CircleCi - Continuous integration and delivery platform. Behat - BDD framework...
pavlosdan's picture
CMS Architect, SGX
All levels
During this session we will go through the GraphQL contrib module. We will briefly talk about GraphQL . We will touch on why GraphQL vs a pure Rest API. The major features of the module. How the module was used to help us create and decouple the new SGX content repository which powers (as a start)...
GuGuss's picture
General Manager China, Platform.sh
Challenge accepted! May the live-demo-god be with me... During this session you will: Choose a topic for our decoupled website Discover how easy it is to decouple Drupal 8 Learn how quickly you can setup a complete and reliable CI/CD workflow See how fast you can deploy your site to production with...
ben-acquia's picture
Senior Technical Account Manager, Acquia
All levels
Drupal 8 is capable of powering sites that are viewed at blistering speed by millions of users. Performance at this level, however, doesn’t come by accident, and developers have a key role to play in ensuring that Drupal can scale to these heights. All it takes is one poor decision, and your site...
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Engineer, Pantheon / Drupal Pilipinas
Will present the mobile app, this is a community driven collaborative project of heremaps technology and Drupal Pilipinas, my presentation includes an end to end demo of the following: 1. How i setup my CORS configuration 2. I Will discuss CRUD API to manage contents 3. How we managed the phone...
iamroald's picture
Customer Success Engineer, Pantheon
In this topic I will discuss how to build custom module in Drupal 8. Drupal 8 coding standard and best practices Drupal 8 module file structure Extending Drupal 8 API Routing System Plugin, Libraries Adding third party JS library Creating a custom block Creating a custom form Creating a custom page
ardigobear's picture
Senior Drupal Engineer, GoBear.com
One of the powerful features of Drupal 8 is Configuration Management. I'm going to share how to extend that (already becoming) powerful features with a module called "Config Split" and "Config Ignore", and how it can benefit your project deployment process based on your needs.
qchan's picture
All levels
In 2018, the Japanese government unveiled their plans for "Digital Government", a "digital transformation" of nationally administrated government services. We at ANNAI are planning to Drupal as a solution to meet the target needs of the government. Drupal has a proven track record as an excellent...
Eric115's picture
Drupal Developer, PreviousNext
Keeping your code well structured is critical for the longevity and maintainability of your project, but what about moving your logic outside of Drupal? It's easy to get lost in a world of Drupal, but sometimes the cleanest path is to move your logic into a separate library and only integrate with...
VladimirAus's picture
Software Wizard. Level 41, Tomato Elephant Studio
All levels
Nightwatch.JS will be part of Drupal 8.6 core. This is practical introduction to automated end to end testing and Nightwatch.js.
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Senior Support Engineer, Acquia
All levels
The Internet Of Things is here and is Open Source! There is a growing collection of open source projects that are helping us to connect IOT for populous use. Part of the need in having these devices is for a central place to manage the array of Things. One such project that has been setting the...
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Solutions Architect, Promet Source
All levels
Take freedom to the next level and start traveling. This is a quick presentation for developers who want to to travel and start working remotely, or who are already doing it. This presentation contains a few tips to travel cheaper and get the best of your remote work. About me: I am a Solution...
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Founder, Pixel Onion
In technical camps, most sessions cover topics which may be baffling for beginners who just pick up Drupal. It is more interesting to tinker with the cutting edge technology than sharing the basic Drupal development. But everyone starts his / her career as an inexperience developer, and there are...