What is DrupalCamp Singapore?

Announcement about DrupalCamp Singapore 2014 is just around the corner. Just give us some more time to secure the date and venue, and it will be possible to join and submit your sessisons...

Meanwhile, check out DrupalCamp Singapore 2013

When: TBD

Where: TBD

DrupalCamp Singapore is an annual conference that brings together web developers around Southeast Asia to learn, share and explore web development and the Drupal content management system.

Entering its 3rd year in 2014, the conference has attracted over 300 attendees from across Asia to gather in Singapore since 2012. This year, the focus will be on Drupal 8 and how it will impact the web industry greatly, featuring speakers from US, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore etc.

DrupalCamp Singapore 2014 is organised by the Drupal Community (Singapore), a group of volunteers and evangelists who has been organising the monthly Drupal meetup since 2010. The group is officially registered and recognized by Registry of Societies in Singapore and has a democratically elected committee that’s elected every year by the members of the society. Join us for the next meetup over at www.drupal.org.sg

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, this event is free to attend and you may stand to win attractive lucky draws at the end of the conference!

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(do we consider using hootsuite or some social media tools to broadcast live updates and interactions from attendees during the conference?)


Yes! We plan to have a track for beginners. DrupalCamp is a chance to learn more about where modules are moving in the future, and to meet the people behind the modules you use.

In contrast, our tracks tend to cater to newbies and professionals working with Drupal. Showcase sessions show off excellent sites built with Drupal, by explaining what they do and how the were built. There are plans to hold beginner and immediate level sessions while other tracks can focus on development.

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